Getting into the Airlines – single day course at FL500 – Gatwick.

Flight Level 500 are proud to announce the launch of “Getting into the Airlines”.

This course, written by a collaboration of Flight Level 500 mentors, airline executives and recruitment managers will give you all the knowledge you need to find the airlines likely to recruit, source the best way into that airline and present yourself most effectively at interview. So far this course has seen its graduates find employment in a number legacy, low-cost and charter carriers.

You will arrive at our state of the art selection centre at London Gatwick dressed as you would deem appropriate for interview. We will spend the morning looking in detail at covering letters and CVs. No longer is a presentation of your information sufficient to succeed in this highly competitive industry. We teach you to sell yourself on paper giving you the very highest chance of beating the other thousands of applicants typically seen at application stage. In the morning you will also receive handouts detailing contact details for every UK and Ireland AOC holder and together we will define a structure and prioritisation for your application sending as well as teaching you how to get your CV in front of the right person.

After lunch we look in detail at interview questions and give you a structure for answering the toughest of competency based questions. We’ll help you to see exactly how to deliver your characteristics that the interviewer must see. After mock interviews for the class we will hold a critique ensuring none of us fall in to some of the interview traps we will have seen in the afternoon.

Following a full day on Flight Level 500’s Getting into the Airlines course you will feel thoroughly equipped with a firm structure to break your way into the ‘closed door’ world of commercial aviation. Of course, your mentor will be there to guide you all the way.

email: to reserve your place on our March course.