From Flight Training to Commercial Aviation

Hello all! Our team of Airline Pilots here at Flight Level 500 will now post a weekly blog, keeping you up to date with everything going on in the commercial aviation world.

The flight training industry is moving fast in reaction to the large uptrend in recruitment we are all predicting. This week British Airways have launched their campaign for non-type rated pilots which will ensure movement in the industry. Those of you looking for employment should be listing the airlines most likely to lose pilots as a result. Last week saw adverts in Flight International by Atlasjet for both rated and low hours pilots.

As we type this post American Airlines have just announced the largest aircraft order in airline history. The record order is for 460 Airbus A320s and Boeing 737s for delivery between 2013 and 2022 with options on another 465, as replacements for its existing fleets of MD80s, 737-800s, 757s and 767s. This includes firm commitments for 200 more Boeing 737s, with options on another 100.

Chairman and Chief Executive Gerard Arpey said: “Today’s announcement paves the way for us to achieve important milestones in our company’s future, giving us the ability to replace our narrow-bodied fleet and finance it responsibly. This was an incredible opportunity for our company that presented itself from two great manufacturers. And, given our aggressive and ambitious fleet plans, we feel fortunate to have both Boeing and Airbus standing beside us to meet our needs.

“With today’s news, we expect to have the youngest and most fuel-efficient fleet among our peers in the US industry within five years. This new fleet will dramatically improve our fuel and operating costs, while enhancing our financial flexibility. More than that, with the power of our network and partnerships and the dedication of our people, we will be an even stronger competitor.” Those of you that are in the jobs market at the moment or with interviews looming pay close attention to the Chief Executive’s words. They give vital clues as to generically, what airlines are trying to achieve.

What’s going on at Flight Level 500?

Well as most of you will know we have officially launched our JOC course. This is being held at the British Airways Flight Training facility in Cranebank. The course is very heavily tailored towards the needs of airlines and run exclusively by trainers who are current in UK based airlines. The course was set up as a direct response to the requests of airlines and their requirement to strengthen the bridge between Flight Training and Commercial Aviation. This course will run along side our successful Pilot Mentor scheme where we educate those considering their routes to become an airline pilot and look after the commercial education of those in Flight School.

That’s it for this week. We’ll be back with you weekly or as soon as any important news breaks.

Safe flying! FL500