Can you “excite young people about becoming an aviation professional?”

With resounding warnings of a worldwide pilot shortage, the United Nations aviation agency have opened a video contest. The International Civil Aviation Authority are asking individuals to create a video which excites young people about becoming an aviation professional.

Currently just under half a million of us hold a pilots licence. It’s estimated by 2030 the requirement will be nearer one million. With numbers of aircraft tripling in the same time period, it’s not just pilots who are set to be in demand. It’s expected around 20000 engineers and technicians will need to be trained per year.

ICAO, who act as an authority for safety, security, efficiency and regularity for it’s 191 member states have launched the competition on You Tube. The winner will be invited to the World Aviation Training Show in Orlando, Florida this April. So for all those bugging aviation movie makers out there, good luck!